The terms provided here are applicable for individual users of WikijobS. Multi user license terms are excluded from the list below.

  • All the payments must be done through payment gateway and we are not liable for any of the changes happened in the candidates profile.

  • The services purchased by the users from the list of services available with WikijobS are valid upto 1 Year.

  • WikijobS is not responsible for multiple downloads for the same profile in a stipulated time period.

  • The updates done by the user profile will be updated during the valid period of that profile.

  • The payment done for a specific service of a specific profile will not be transferrable to other service or other profile.

  • WikijobS will get update from candidates once in a month and profiles will be removed from the search results if the user is not looking for change in his/her job.
  • The profile available on this website are voluntarily provided by the users with their willingness and there is no job guarantee for them. WikijobS will not provide any job guarantee of service to any of the users who registered with WikijobS.

  • The video available with WikijobS is shot at WikijobS premises with the jobseeker. There is no editing work done for this video since wikijobS wanted to showcase user communication directly without any editing work on it.

  • The payment for each job seekers profile is different and this will be defined based on the years of experience of a job seeker.